Mayor’s Welcome

Stephanie A. Miner, Mayor, City of Syracuse


Stephanie A. Miner
Mayor, City of Syracuse

Welcome to the City of Syracuse and Syracuse Hancock International Airport. As the gateway to Central New York and beyond, I hope your experience at our airport and in our city is enjoyable and worthwhile. As Mayor, my philosophy is to keep striving for improvement. Here at the airport, this mindset is clearly seen in the series of upgrades underway at all times for the enhancement of every aspect of the air travel experience.

In an effort to bring more efficiency to airport operations, we recently established the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority. This change brings Syracuse in line with every other airport in New York state, all of which currently benefit from this competitive advantage. The growth and development of the airport are the sole focus of the Authority. My vision is simple and focused: a modern, 21st century facility providing all the conveniences and services needed for today’s busy traveler; a business-based governance model, maximizing revenue and development, while keeping costs low; and low-cost, reliable jet service serving our top markets, the CNY community, and beyond.

Our new expanded central security checkpoint and renovated central terminal are pending LEED Certification, enhance the community’s gateway image, and improve security and customer service without burdening local taxpayers or airport tenants with additional capital and operating expenditures. The project was 100% funded through the continued collection of Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs). There was no use of local or state taxpayer dollars, and no impact to airlines rate and charges.

Syracuse Hancock International Airport is a vital asset to the entire region and we are working to enhance the community through many initiatives, whether working with local schools to encourage aviation education, promoting events in the metropolitan area, or simply providing a pleasant environment and stress-free experience for the business and leisure traveler.

Thank you for visiting Syracuse!

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