Jamba Juice Now Open!

JJ Live Fruitfully

The Jamba Juice Kiosk is now open! Jamba Juice is located adjacent to Dunkin Donuts just beyond the security check point in the center terminal.

Jamba Juice offers smoothies, juices, teas, and some breakfast options including oatmeal. Their drinks have a wide range of options, from Chia Seeds to Kale, whey protein to Vitamin C & Zinc, Jamba Juice1and several different kinds of fruits and vegetables to make delicious combinations. The menu also features a light section with 1/3 fewer calories, carbs, and sugars. Jamba Juice is a great healthy option for travelers who are looking for something other than coffee.

To learn more about their menu options, please visit JambaJuice.com. Please remember this kiosk is not a full service JambaJuice and some menu items are not available.