Parking Garage Repairs & Temporary Rental Car Return



Please use the map and instructions below for returning your rental car.

THE AIRPORT PARKING FACILITY is over 32 years old and exhibits a deteriorated condition in some isolated but important structural elements. To make the necessary repairs, portions of the parking garage will be closed for maintenance over the course of the next few months. To accommodate our passengers, the rental car return area will be located in the overflow lot during this time. This will provide more parking spots for passengers who are not using a rental car, while ensuring those who are, have a place to return their vehicles. The project is scheduled to be finished by Thanksgiving 2014.

WHEN PARKING YOUR VEHICLE in the parking garage, please use caution as several lanes will be closed. Please drive slowly, make sure you do not drive in the opposite direction of the lane, and allow a few extra minutes to find a parking spot.

DIRECTIONS TO THE RETURN AREA: At the traffic light, turn left onto Constellation Way. Follow the signs for “Rental Car Return”.

RETURNING YOUR CAR: The Parking Area will have signs for your rental company. Please park your car in the specified area.

OTHER INSTRUCTIONS If no one is in the rental car area to collect your keys, please bring them inside to your rental car counter.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: You are responsible for any damage and fines incurred from parking inside any marked off parking area inside the parking garage. Any vehicle parked inside any marked off parking area will be towed.

Please click here for a printable PDF of this information.

For questions, please call the DOA office, Mon. – Fri. from 8am – 5pm at: 315-454-3263
During non-office hours, please contact the Security Office at 315-442-5220
Alternate Car Return Map